Faddis Opens New Precast Concrete Plant in Richburg, South Carolina

Faddis Concrete Products is now serving the Carolinas from a new precast concrete plant in Richburg, South Carolina. Located 29 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina, the facility is served by rail with a spur into the building and has immediate highway access to Interstate 77. The 85,000-square-foot building is situated on 40 acres with […]


FireWall for PSEG

Electric Power Substation Fire Wall

Electric Power Substation Isolation Walls There are several reasons to build walls around electric transformers. First is noise abatement. Electrical transformers radiate a low frequency hum at 120 Hz (two times the 60Hz AC power frequency) and harmonics at 240 Hz, 360Hz, 480 Hz, etc. Walls perform as noise barriers to block the direct propagation […]