There are several reasons to build walls around electric transformers.

First is noise abatement. Electrical transformers radiate a low frequency hum at 120 Hz (two times the 60Hz AC power frequency) and harmonics at 240 Hz, 360Hz, 480 Hz, etc. Walls perform as noise barriers to block the direct propagation path from the transformer to the community. The surface facing the transformer can be cast with sound absorptive AcoustaCrete® to prevent reverberation between the walls and make the noise abatement more effective.

Second is fire containment. Electrical transformers use oil as a cooling fluid. In the case of fire, this hydrocarbon oil burns at over 2000 degrees F. Firewalls are designed with thermal caulking at joints and fire rated post of 24 inches square and panel thickness of 8 inches to contain the fire and keep the adjacent transformer from catching fire.

Third is ballistics resistance. A projectile may be a bullet fired at a transformer with the intent to disable the power grid, or shrapnel from an adjacent transformer explosion. Faddis 8” thick panels have ballistics resistance meeting UL 752 level 9 (30 caliber armor piercing) and level 10 (50 caliber ball ammunition).

Bolted connections at the base allow for removal of the wall in case transformers must be removed and replaced. Posts can be fitted with fire resistant post base plate covers.