Screen Walls and Fencing are architecturally enhanced, low-height versions of our highway noise barriers constructed with support posts and concrete panels with double-sided architectural finish. They conform to the Faddis standard design as approved by federal and state highway departments. The AcoustaCrete® composite panel has sound-absorptive stone patterns on both sides with posts every 15 feet. The StoneWall vertical casting has a concrete stone pattern on both sides with approximately 12-foot post spacing. The systems are designed for 6-, 7- or 8-foot heights. Panels may be stained one color or to mimic the appearance of natural stone with varying colors. Several stone color pallets have been developed based on past projects. Products can be provided to meet criteria for perimeter security applications.

Stone Fence Options

Formliner patterns feature rectangular cut stone for both systems. Realistic stone coloration can be applied by hand for a more natural appearance. The system can be designed as a retaining wall for cut slope applications (see ShoreWall).

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