Solar arrays are being installed worldwide to diversify energy supply and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Faddis is catering to rising demand by making precast concrete ballasts, also called footings or foundations, for PV solar collector rack systems. There are a variety of designs in use. We will build forms and cast virtually any shape or size needed to meet your requirements.

The use of precast for this application offers many benefits. There is less earthwork, sediment control, formwork, on-site labor, and clean-up for the installer. The work proceeds faster without concrete curing time, cylinder breaks, or on-site inspection. For the owner, a surface-mounted installation preserves land value, with no buried foundations, and less time and effort to return the ground to its previous natural state when the contract has expired. If the property overlies a landfill, or contaminated soil, the ballast foundations can rest above ground, and avoid the need to penetrate an impervious clay layer, an HDPE containment liner, or disturb hazardous underlying materials such as asbestos formations or chemical waste. To the installers of PV solar panels, less work on the civil component means more time to do the work where your expertise provides the greatest return.

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