Bridges that support noise barriers require a low-weight system. AcoustAL™ is a perforated aluminum panel system perfectly suited for this application. Its name combines the root word Faddis uses for its acoustical barriers (Acoust) with the symbol for aluminum (AL). AcoustAL™ has also been installed for industrial noise control around electric transformers, chillers, and diesel-powered generator stations. Panels can span 8 to 10 feet between posts for structure mounting or 12 feet for ground mounting. Panel weight is 3.5 pounds per square foot. Sound absorption is NRC 1.0, measured per ASTM C 423. Standard panel is STC 30 per ASTM E 90 and E413. The powder coating provides a durable surface color and a wide selection of colors. AcoustAL™ is suitable for exterior use as a surface-mounted sound absorber for existing walls. It may also be used for interior applications on walls or ceilings, especially where a durable material not subject to corrosion is required, e.g., swimming pools and wastewater or water treatment facilities.

AcoustAL Performance Report 2021
Standard AcoustAL panels can be fastened to an existing wall where NRC of 1.0 is required.
A 1″ thick AcoustAL surface mounted absorber is an option where an NRC of 0.70 is suitable.

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AcoustAL™ Options

AcoustAL™ absorber panels can be fixed to existing walls to eliminate reflections using Tapcon anchors.