AcoustaClear® panels, made with Optix acrylic panes, provide an effective noise barrier and a clear view for motorists. Acrylic has proven to be durable in applications around the world for years. Faddis offers AcoustaClear® in the U.S. market for use as a complete wall or in conjunction with all other Faddis noise barriers with post spacing from 8 feet to 24 feet c-c. Your options for selecting a source for noise barriers are now clear.

  • MBTA GLX-201509084249
  • MBTA GLX AcoustaClear-201509084198
  • AcoustaClear ODOT I-71-20090323044
  • AcoustaClear ODOT I-71-20090323012
  • AcoustaClear ODOT I-71-20090323022
  • AcoustaClear ODOT I-71-20090323030
  • AcoustaClear ODOT I-71-20090324050


AcoustaClear®, as illustrated in the photos scrolling above, is an engineered product, custom designed and constructed for each project and application. To place an order, obtain an estimate, design and engineering for an AcoustaClear wall, please contact Faddis at the phone number, email and address as shown at the bottom of this page.  Options are available for the type of frame (steel, aluminum or concrete), acrylic thickness (based upon STC, pane size, wind pressure, use of bird strike avoidance striping), acrylic color (clear or tinted), vertical or tilted pane, and type of support post.


AcoustaClear® is a trademark of Faddis Concrete Products