Faddis Concrete Products is pleased to announce that we will be providing a noise mitigation solution for the noise wall contract of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation (CSVT) Project. The contract involves building four noise walls along the highway.

The CSVT Project is a new highway that aims to reduce roadway congestion, improve safety and accessibility, and support the expected population and economic growth in the Central Susquehanna Valley area of Snyder, Union, and Northumberland Counties, Pennsylvania. The project includes constructing a four-lane limited access highway, bridges, and noise walls throughout the southern part of the region. The CSVT project has been in development since 1959.

Residents in neighborhoods affected by the project had raised concerns about the impact of increased noise pollution on their quality of life. A noise report was conducted, following the PENN DOT noise guidelines. According to the PennDOT noise criteria, noise barriers that provide at least 5 dB(A) of noise reduction for at least 50% of impacted receptors are considered feasible, and they should not pose any safety, engineering, maintenance, constructability, drainage, or utility impacts, or access restrictions. Faddis’ noise walls meet all those requirements.

Faddis will be responsible for designing an engineered solution and supplying 236,246 SF of single-sided absorptive precast Concrete Sound Absorptive Noise Wall Systems with concrete posts that will result in a safer and quieter community. Walsh Construction Group will carry out the installation.

Image sourced from “The Daily Item, Sept 2023”