Eversource Substation selected precast concrete for a 15-foot tall perimeter wall around a new substation in Greenwich, Connecticut for its strength and security. The community chose an inlaid brick pattern precast for its aesthetics, which allows it to blend into the neighborhood.

Complicated formwork was created to accept the complicated thin brick form liner. Flat brick sand corner bricks were installed into several offset patterns within the wall panels and pilasters. All of the precast components were cast at Faddis Concrete Products’ Kutztown, Pa. facility. The cast stone water table, pilaster, and panel caps were manufactured at the Faddis Cast Stone plant in Downingtown. The Faddis form fabrication shop worked diligently to complete the project with all panels and pilasters within the close tolerances specified.

According to the contractor, the Greenwich community is happy with the precast perimeter wall. Faddis is proud of the results that demonstrate our capability to meet the high degree of difficulty on this project.